Eric Benet & Michelle Obama*Eric Benet discovered that he has a very special fan.

First lady Michelle Obama is a huge fan of the singer … he found out at the end of his show last week at Constitutional Hall. The two met and had a little moment.

“It was very cool meeting her,” Benet told CBS Local. “She told me that she is my greatest fan and that there is not a time when she’s flying in a plane or helicopter when she is not listening to one or all of my CDs.”

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The singer, who is an avid Obama supporter, performed alongside Ledisi at the exclusive show.

While he’s doing big house shindigs promoting his new album, Benet is also keeping his eye on bigger things like his record label. The singer and businessman is searching for the next big Jordan House (his imprint’s name) talent.

Running his own label gives the artist freedom to be creative and do his own thing and make the type of music he likes.

“It’s me at the top of my game. It’s me taking control of my career, and it’s me having complete freedom and control to make and produce whatever kind of music I wanted to,” he said.