obama newsweek cover*(Via Mediaite) – Newsweek magazine has made headlines many times in recent months, mostly for its controversial cover stories.

This week, Newsweek has made controversy again – this time for publishing a strong piece by Niall Fergusson in which he details the many reasons why President Barack Obama has failed as the nation’s chief executive and why it is time for the nation to replace him in the White House.

Newsweek magazine is no stranger to controversy. Following President Obama expressing his support for gay marriage, Newsweek made headlines by publishing a piece by columnist Andrew Sullivan in which he called Obama our “first gay president.” That cover piece was accompanied by an image of Obama adorned with a rainbow-colored halo. Last month, Newsweek asked if Mitt Romney was a “wimp,” which elicited a response from Romney himself.

This week, in a political about face, Newsweek’s cover story asks if Obama is deserving of a second term. Fergusson determines that the President has failed and that Romney should be the next president.

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