obama chair tweet*President Barack Obama – or at least someone in his camp – tweeted a response to Clint Eastwood’s mocking of him with an interesting, cheeky response.

“This chair is taken,” said the tweet that came with a picture of himself in a chair. The president’s Twitter account, by the way, has 19 million followers.

As you can imagine, Eastwood’s strange attempt to “make the GOP’s Day” had Twitter and social media on fire Thursday evening.

As we reported, his rambling, sometimes confusing remarks pretended that Obama (depicted as an empty chair) was cursing Mitt Romney (and him) as he critiqued Obama’s policies. His deadpan delivery worked sometimes, but for the most part it didn’t and one was left wondering what the hell they were witnessing. In other words, it added up to one giant FAIL.

Within minutes Twitter was flooded with remarks in favor and making fun of the 82-year-old actor-director, reports The Wrap.

On top of that, a new Twitter account, “Invisible Obama,” was launched and quickly gathered 20,000 followers and counting.

invisible obama twitter account