“Green Mile” star, Michael Clarke Duncan with lady love, Omarosa Manigault Stallworth

*OK, by a show of hands, who was surprised to find out these two were even dating?

Not that “Green Mile” star Michael Clarke Duncan isn’t a great catch, but being caught by Omarosa Stallworth…suffice it to say, we didn’t see that one coming! Anyway, we digress; and want to give major props to ‘rosa for saving the life of her boyfriend (and a fine actor too, we might add!) when he suffered cardiac arrest recently and had to be resuscitated.

Duncan had what is called SCA (Sudden Cardiac Arrest) which, according to the Sudden Cardiac Arrest Association http://www.suddencardiacarrest.org/aws/SCAA/pt/sp/home_page, claims the lives of nearly 300,000 victims each year. According to SCAA, “SCA” is an ‘electrical problem’. The arrhythmia (irregular heart rhythms) prevents the heart from pumping blood to vital organs including the brain. There is an immediate cessation of the heart (the heart immediately stops!) and in most cases, there are no warning signs or symptoms..

During her recent appearance on the Tom Joyner Morning Show, Stallworth talked about the near-fatal event, Duncan’s current condition, and the CPR training from years ago that kicked in, in time.

“20 years ago in summers in college I taught tennis classes,” she explains. “…and they required you to take CPR classes.”

Known initially from her appearances on “The Apprentice” for tackling any undertaking with a sense of fierceness, Stallworth recalls the horrific night; saying that after hearing a strange noise and discovering Duncan had “no heartbeat, no pulse, no nothing,” it was instinctual for her to jump into action to save his life.

Hats off to you, lady!

The actor, who we learned once told “Access Hollywood” that although he thought Omarosa was ‘the most gorgeous girl’ he had ever seen, prior to falling in love with her, he actually ended up offending her – unintentionally of course – when he first saw her in a grocery store. In his own words, “I said something really stupid.” What, EUR readers might ask, did he say to make Omarosa turn rapidly on her heels and walk away? He said what we all think when we hear her name, “You’re the mean girl from ‘The Apprentice.'”

No more, Ms. Stallworth, henceforth EUR knights you, (drumroll please…imagine a sword tapping her shoulder) LIFE SAVER!!!

The actor is said to be in good condition now. Keep up the good work, Michael. Wishing you well!