paul carrick brunson*The business of love is an expensive one.

Whether you are looking for love or already in it. And one of those men helping you find it Paul Carrick Brunson.

Black Enterprise recently caught up with the love matchmaker.

Here’s an excerpt of the interview: From finance to matchmaking—how did you make the leap? And how did you go from pro bono sessions to a waiting list of paid clients?

Paul Carrick Brunson: Just two and half years ago I was doing pro bono matchmaking work and now I don’t have to advertise – I have a waiting list.  I’ve gone with my gut with this business a lot. We have a general plan around our goals but I don’t have a specific business plan for this. I realized the issue that I had with my previous businesses that failed was I was so stuck in staying in the parameters – so now I operate off of more of a gut instinct. I listen a lot. I listen to Twitter, etc. and I am able to adapt to what I’m hearing from my audience.

I came off a year of studying matchmaking and coaching. I literally asked friends and said hey if you know of anyone who is interested in matchmaking or coaching and I had maybe 5 referrals. Two of them didn’t sound authentic so I ended up taking on 3 pro bono clients. But I was very transparent. I told them they were my very first clients. They were open. After I had done about 3 sessions with each of them they said “this is wonderful, this is really good.” That gave me a confidence boost that I really needed. When I started, I didn’t know when I would start charging. Subconsciously [their feedback] told me ” I can charge for this.” By that time I had put [an introductory] video on YouTube and I had a web site, and my Modern Day Matchmaker YouTube series.

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