*Hey fans of unusually popular comedy drama series, “The Game,” listen p … Pooch Hall ain’t leaving. He’s back, officially, for season 6 as Derwin.

In June, the actor told “The Breakfast Club” that he would be willing to work with BET as he expands his horizon and works on other projects. It looks like everything worked out just fine.

An announcement came earlier in the year that both he and Tia Mowry would not be returning due to other obligations or personal reasons, but Pooch clarified that his desire all along was to add another show to his workload. He’ll also star as “Ray Donovan” in a new Showtime series.

But nothing’s changed for Tia. She’s out and plans to keep it pushing. She’s signed on for a new Nick at Nite sitcom.

Lauren London is set to play the replacement lover.