*Public Enemy is back in effect with some new music.

“I Shall Not Be Moved” falls right in line with the group’s typical political mantra, addressing the current issues and propaganda generated by the political climate.

It highlights the group’s perspective that a system is in place that has blinded people from real conditions and has manipulated the masses with lies and deception.

“We Shall Not Be Moved” is a traditional American folk song whose original lyrics probably stretch back to the slave era, although there is no indication of when the song was written or who wrote it. It is a spiritual song that was adapted by the activists of the 1930s, with lyrics changed to “We Shall Not Be Moved,” similarly to how “We Shall Overcome” took on the collective voice in protest rather than its original singular voice.

It’s an updated version, relevant to today’s situations.

Chuck D. says in a letter that he believes “rap music can be powerful in its most simplistic form … words, passion and the beat. “

He adds that this version of the redone classic movement song can be just what the doctor ordered to revive the power within music and awaken the sleeping giants.

He also made public notice that he’s holding the elite responsible for “pimping” the public.

Check out the slammin’, jammin’ track and video: