Rashida Jones runs errands in New York City. (August 2, 2012)

*Rashida Jones has apologized for suggesting that John Travolta is gay during an interview on website SpinningPlatters.com.


The actress was plugging her new movie “Celeste and Jesse Forever” with her co-star Will McCormack when the subject of singer Frank Ocean and his admission to being gay came up.

‘”There needs to be, like, a professional athlete that comes out,” said McCormack, before Jones blurted out, “And a movie star! It’s time…Like John Travolta? Come out! Come on. How many masseurs have to come forward? Let’s do this.”

Jones used Twitter Tuesday to apologize for what she said: “Made a thoughtless comment about John Travolta. I sincerely apologize. Nobody’s personal life is my business.”

During her interview, Jones added that “big stars need to come out” and said that she was “really happy” when Ricky Martin admitted he was gay.