Monifah Carter speaks at the “R&B Divas” discussion panel during the TVOne portion of the 2012 Summer Television Critics Association tour at the Beverly Hilton Hotel on August 1, 2012 in Beverly Hills

*You’ve seen the clip – now hear what Monifah Carter of TV One’s new reality series “R&B Divas” has to say about her homosexuality, how she and her girlfriend are depicted on the show and what she thinks about her daughter’s unease regarding their relationship.


Monifah, who appeared with her cast members Faith Evans, Keke Wyatt, Nicci Gilbert and Syleena Johnson at the TCA Summer Press Tour on Aug. 1, said she believes her sexuality will be a tough subject for black audiences in particular to watch on television.

“We have been walking around with blinders on and with a lot of things, sexuality being one of them, period, whether you’re gay, straight, transgender, or whatever,” she said regarding the black community. “I just I felt that it was time, or I feel my truth is what it is, and that’s what I came on this show to do, to help people to relate; especially the youth, people that are struggling with their identity. I figured I’m supposed to tell my truth.”

Monifah’s daughter Akima in a scene from TV One’s “R&B Divas”

In the show’s trailer, Monifah’s teen daughter Akemi makes it clear that she is not feeling her mother’s lesbian relationship, telling her “I don’t support it.”

At the press tour, Monifah said it’s time to start addressing these issues on television — and viewers will see it in the scenes with her daughter.

“We’re dealing with what I think the world is dealing with, as far as tolerance and acceptance, on a global level,” she said. “I’m dealing with that on a personal level, and how we are working through that to agree to disagree because maybe our belief systems are different. But she is my child. I’m her mother, and again, we have to start addressing these things.”

Monifah and her girlfriend in a scene from TV One’s “R&B Divas”

And how does the rest of the cast feel about Monifah’s sexuality? Below, hear what Nicci Gilbert (who speaks first) and Syleena Johnson had to say. Monifah ends the clip with additional thoughts.

“R&B Divas” premieres Aug. 20 on TV One. Watch the trailer below.

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