*Turns out Chad ‘Ochocinco’ Johnson is a playa playa – as if we didn’t expect it.

Apparently he had/has women in many area codes including Boston, Miami and Atlanta, all while he was in his relationship with Evelyn Lozada.

Word is that he was cheating and sleezing around up until his wedding day, or until his wife found a receipt for a condom in their car.

Anyway, one source told RadarOnline.com that one of the mistresses included a stripper named Amber Priddy.

“Chad has been paying Amber $2000 a month for her apartment and flying her in and out of Miami so they could meet up,” a source said.

Interesting right?

Well there’s more.

Court documents state that miss stripper lady tweeted a message to Evelyn shortly after the reality star jumped the broom with good ol’ Chad, teasing, “U can marry him today, he still mine!!! #thatsmyhoe2.”

But, she switched up her story and tweeted something completely opposite.

“I AM NOT chad Johnson’s mistress. Lol this sh*t is hilarious we are just friends!!!!”

Chad, friends with a stripper? Right, now we’ve heard everything.

Another lady, Beverly Shine, who we mentioned before, says she and Chad were close up until May.

And finally, Bianca Zuluaga (her name sounds soo fake, right?), met Chad via Twitter.

Really, dude?

Supposedly she sends coded messages via Twitter and makes comments like, “addicted to chocolate” regarding her sexual escapades with him.

“Chad would mostly spend time with Bianca while Evelyn was out of town on her book tour or filming,” the source explained. “They would even meet at David’s Café in Miami, which is one of his regular hangout joints and they didn’t go to any lengths to hide the fact that they were there together.”