Anti-Chick-fil-A Protestor

*Ever since President Obama announced his personal support for same-sex marriage, it seems the gay community has become more emboldened to speak out and to vilify anyone who expresses a different point of view.

We’re now seeing more and more highly visible people announce their gay orientation.

The president merely signed on to the idea. He did not propose legislation, nor use Executive Order to make same-sex marriage the law of the land, but you’d think he did the way some gay proponents are acting up and acting out. It’s as if the president issued them a ‘blank check’.

For instance why would gay protestors come out in numbers against the Chick-fil-A  family-owned restaurant chain just because its founder Dan Cathy publicly stated his belief in traditional marriage between a man and a woman?

That’s his belief and that’s his point of view, and while there are those trying their hardest to respect the gay community’s belief and point of view, it’s now becoming even more difficult. Why would they rally and try to disrupt business especially during these tough economic times?

What if their actions had slowed sales to the point that workers had to be laid off? Where’s the civility in that? The biggest turn off is for someone to try and shove their agenda down another’s throat. They want respect, but they don’t want to give it.

Churches – particularly Black churches – are divided on the same-sex issue, and many church leaders have openly expressed their opposition to the president’s stance. In response, gay activist Paul Scott, founder and executive director of  the Inglewood Wellness Center in California, was quoted as saying [in part], “The reality of the situation is that we’re already in our Black churches…we’ve always been there. There would be no nice choir if it wasn’t for the gay musical director.” Were such daring comments being made publicly prior to the president’s announcement?

So the question is: Should the president stop payment on the gay community’s ‘blank check’? There are those who say because it’s an election year, and the Republican-led Congress is doing whatever it takes to deny him a second term – the president is doing whatever it takes to get re-elected. In the game of chess we’d call ‘check’. It’s very obvious the GOP is acting like the kid who owns the basketball who says, ‘if  you don’t pass me the ball then I’ll take it and go home.’ We saw how desperate they were in 2008 when they selected the eye-winking Sarah Palin as John McCain’s running mate. We’re seeing now how they’d rather remain constipated rather than work together in bipartisanship for the common good. CNN’s Christine Romans coined it ‘congressional malpractice.’

It seems the gay community is taking a page from the GOP playbook – our way or no way. The Chick-fil-A incident backfired on them when a record number of supporters came out in appreciation causing a record sales day. Mr. Cathy must be thanking the gay protestors. In true American spirit, he has demonstrated the value of being respectful and diplomatic – that it’s okay to agree to disagree. The GOP should take a lesson from this.

Meanwhile, as of this writing, the gay right’s activists are planning a ‘National Same-Sex Kiss Day at Chick-fil-A’ in retaliation. President Obama, please quell this firestorm with a call for civility, or else stop payment!

Larry Buford is a Los Angeles-based freelance writer. Author of “Things Are Gettin’ Outta Hand” (Steuben Pub) Available at Smiley’s Bookstore in Carson CA, and Chaucer’s in Santa Barbara CA. Visit the author at