*The legendary Stephanie Mills joined “On Air With Egypt” recently on Atlanta’s V103.

They laughed hysterically as she divulged to the audience that she wanted to be on the remix of Lil Wayne’s “How to Love.”

Who would have ever guessed that “The Wiz” star had a huuuuuge crush on Tupac and wanted to be his girlfriend?

But the shocker hands down was when Stephanie confirmed that she DID INDEED date Michael Jackson and proceeded to give us the blow by blow.

Fun times!

EGYPT: Ms Stephanie Mills is on the line. How are you miss lady?

STEPHANIE: I am wonderful how are you?

EGYPT: Thank you very much for calling into the show.

STEPHANIE: Thank you!!

EGYPT: Guys listen, Stephanie Mills, when you talk about legends, you’re talking about this lady. Recording artist, Broadway star, been there done that, seen ‘em come & go, been in the business since she was 9 years old wrecking shop on the Apollo stage.

STEPHANIE: (Laughs) You’ve done your homework!!

EGYPT: I have! So how are you and how’s life?

STEPHANIE: Life is wonderful. I’m 55 years old and I love being a woman of this age. I just finished doing the Essence Festival- I had a ball- and I’m happy. I’m writing songs and getting ready to put out something. I’m kind of hesitant because I don’t know how… the climate is different from when I came through and the music is different. I enjoy listening to so many of the people nowadays and I still enjoy listening to our music back in the day, but I’m going to test it and see. I think I’m going to put out a single and see what happens.

EGYPT: Let me tell you. I’ll fall off my chair if Stephanie Mills comes out with a song with Lil Wayne.

STEPHANIE: (Laughs hysterically) But you know what? I like Lil Wayne! I like that song, love… what’s the song that he did that was like a ballad?

EGYPT: How to Love??

STEPHANIE: Yeah! I love that song! I wanted to do the remix. I was calling cause I wanted to sing on the remix. I said if they do a remix on this song, I really want to sing it.

EGYPT: How would the remix sound Stephanie? Just do a little bit of it.

STEPHANIE: (Laughs) I can’t remember the song though cause you know I have my senior moments now. I can’t remember the song but I know I like that song. I thought it was real clever that he did a song like that. I like Jay-Z. I love Luda. I love Ledisi. I like Beyonce of course. I think she’s just brilliant. She’s a triple threat. But my favorite- my all time rapper is Tupac. See I could have been Tupac’s girlfriend.

EGYPT: Stephanie… wait, stop stop stop stop. Stephanie Mills just said she could have been Tupac’s girlfriend. I’m done.

STEPHANIE: You know I could’ve. I love Tupac. Oh my God yeah.

EGYPT: You are so much fun. Stephanie is it true now…wait a minute, cause we were arguing… did you use… can I just ask her? Did you use to date Michael Jackson???

STEPHANIE: Yes, I really did. I loved Michael. I thought that I was going to be Mrs. Michael Jackson, but I was ready at 20 and 21 to get married and he was not even close to getting married or having a girlfriend at that time, but yes we dated. We dated for awhile.

EGYPT: Did you get busy with Michael Jackson???

STEPHANIE: Noooooo! No. (Laughs)

EGYPT: Did you at least kiss him?


EGYPT: How did he kiss?

STEPHANIE: He was wonderful. He was very affectionate, very loving, very sensitive.

EGYPT: I can’t believe Ms. Stephanie Mills is giving us the goods!

STEPHANIE: Michael was really misunderstood. Honestly, I really just think he was misunderstood because he was so sensitive…way way way ahead of his time the way he thought about love and peace and all of that. And it showed later on in his songs, in his lyrics.

EGYPT: Yeah. Well you have seen so much in your career. Is there any one thing or course of time that stands out to you?

STEPHANIE: Of course during the wins and winning awards and one thing that stood out to me was a coupe of years ago I won the Billboard hip-hop award which I was shocked for having the most hits in the 80’s. so I was really shocked at that. Because I thought you know I had my time but for them to remember me a couple of years ago, I was really humbled by that.

EGYPT: Thank you so much for taking time out of your life to update us.

STEPHANIE: Thanks for having me. Thank you baby. Thank you for talking to me.

EGYPT: We love you. Ms. Stephanie Mills everybody.

You can HEAR the the actual interview HERE.