*EUR partner theJasmineBrand.com recently interviewed Stevie J of “Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta”and got the goods. Check this out:

The music producer turned reality star opened up about his engagement to Whoopi Goldberg’s daughter Alex (and if Whoopi somehow influenced the end of their relationship), his fear of commitment and love triangle (between him, along with his co-stars Joseline and Mimi), child support rumors (he’s the proud father of five children, with a 17 year old son), Joseline attacking him during therapy and more.

Peep a few excerpts below.

JB: I believe that there’s always an overlying lesson when a relationship ends. When your relationship with Whoopi Goldberg’s daughter, Alex ended, What did you learn about yourself or relationships?

Sometimes your friends are your best friends, and you shouldn’t have so much as a friend, and then we became best friends don’t have a relationship with them. I grew to love her as a best friend, then it became something far out of our control. When you throw the ‘L’ word around then emotions start getting crazy. But I realized that if someone is that special to you and you cherish them as a friend, then, don’t try to make it a relationship.

JB: What prevented you from being committed to Mimi?

I’ve never not been that, I like to do what I like to do when I like to do it. I like to have fun and do me. Everyone has rules in relationships, as long as you follow the rules, when the rules get broken that’s when you have issues, it gets messy and you stepping outside of things.

JB: If the roles were reversed and Mimi had sex or a relationship with another man, could you handle that?

You can’t ask me that because I’m not going for that. I don’t have to and I wont. I’m not entertaining that one right there.

JB: Is that a double-standard:

Call it what you want it call it.

JB: Just to switch gears for a moment, Joseline attacked you when she found out that you were staying with Mimi. Then I peeped a clip of her play fighting w/ you on camera on another site. And you know domestic abuse is real. Have you ever gotten physical w/ a woman?

I’m like this, I let a woman go in, because you know me and my antics, my shenanigans, I drive them to the point to where they want to swing off. Now I contain it and I’m not about to put the gloves on, I’ll contain.

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