big is beautiful*Note to all the large ladies: Science has discovered a new way to get a man and keep a man: Just add some drama and just like that, you got him right where you want him.

Umm, in real life that may or may not work as far as we’re concerned, but, that’s what the study says.

Men under stress find overweight and obese women to be more attractive than do guys in a relaxed state of mind, new research finds.

The findings complement previous studies that have shown when resources are scarce, people prefer heavier partners, presumably because fatness is a sign that the person has access to food and is healthy. In women, for example, being underweight can make it more difficult to get and stay pregnant.

According to one hypothesis, this pattern should hold when people are emotionally stressed, because a heavier, more mature body type is indicative of someone who can handle a rough patch. But few studies have investigated whether stressed people really do prefer heavier bodies.

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