*Beyoncé is trying to run the world y’all.

The superbad superstar mother is at it again, making her mark, this time with a documentary she wrote, produced and starred in.

The diva describes it as a “mix of music and personal study, blending concert footage with confessional interview.”

It could look a lot like her “Year of 4” and “I Am Tour” projects.

So now she’s shopping around for a host to launch it.

There’s a lot to see in just the first half of the year – she had the baby, been touring with hubby and Kanye for the WTT tour, and performed a hella comeback concert over a weekend.

But what we all really want to know is if we’ll get to see Blue Ivy’s face.

Oh and she finally took fans out of suspense and said the “Leave Your Footprint” mystery has nothing to do with music.

It’s all about World Humanitarian Day, which is Aug. 19. Duh.

Bey is doing her part by rallying up her fans to participate in the effort to make the world a better place. She posted a message on her site, explaining what folks can do to participate on that big day.

She encourages fans and friends to visit the WHD site and check out the different projects anyone can do.