*Famous black people fall victim to the unofficial violation of “driving while black.”

CNN anchor T.J. Holmes was pretty forward about a recent experience he had after being pulled over a mile-and-a-half away from his driveway.

He chronicled the incident via Twitter.

An officer had followed close to him for some time. Holmes suspected something was about to go down.

Sure enough, the lights came on.

What was the problem? There wasn’t one.

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The anchor described the officer stopping him because he wanted “to make sure you have insurance on the car.”

Holmes decided to share the event with followers and fans because he was tired of getting beat down by ignorant critics.

“I was frustrated at the time,” he told MSNBC’s Michael Eric Dyson. “I have wondered if maybe I made a mistake, if I did something wrong by enflaming people’s emotions, by using the phrase ‘driving while black,'” he said of the media firestorm that resulted from his racially-tinged tweets.

His sentiments are definitely felt across the country from the hoods to the suburbs.

A Justice Department study shows that officers are more likely to handle black and Latino men by force, than their white counterparts; and that men of color are more likely to be searched and arrested.