*When singer Tamia hit the scene close to a decade ago, many of us thought she was the next big star.

Aside from her voice, the beautiful women she was made us believe the whole package was there.

But she never became the star she was supposed to be.

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Here’s an op-ed from the Loop 21 on the star and why they think she didn’t become as big as she should be:

Tamia’s new video, “Beautiful Surprise,” hit the web recently and I was so excited to see the Canadian singer in the spotlight again. One of those rare artists who is universally recognized as the total package — talent and beauty — her voice sounds as pure as ever.

Happy and joyful, “Beautiful Surprise” fits the Tamia mold, but it seems she hasn’t quite met her potential. Health problems aside, in my opinion she should be more firmly established in R&B by now. Who wasn’t blown away when they first heard a young Tamia belt out “You Put a Move on My Heart“?

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