tatyana ali*Tatyana Ali puts on her big girl shoes to star in “This My Show,” a new reality show designed to spoof other reality shows.

Ali’s character, a larger-than-life reality-show producer named ‘Mona O’Neil,’ takes aim at ‘Basketball Wives’ executive producer Shaunie O’Neal and ‘Love and Hip Hop’ executive producer Mona Scott-Young in an episode called, ‘The Producer.’

In an excerpt from the show, Ali’s character is on-camera flaunting her Louis Vuitton purse as she explains her stereotypical approach to getting Bresha and her boyfriend, Jameel, a young Black couple on the show, to be more ‘ghetto.’ After primping and prepping for the camera – in front of the camera – Ali’s character states:

“I am Mona O’Neil, world renowned reality show producer. It is my job to bring the excitement out of Bresha and Jameel– the hood if you will. Some people say ‘stereotypes.’ I say, ‘good television!’ When I’m done with them, they’ll have more cultural relevance than The Crosby’s.”

Bresha Webb, the girlfriend, is also the show’s writer. She and Ali star in the TV One sitcom, “Love That Girl.”

In the video, Bresha demonstrates just how ‘ratchet’ and ‘ethnic’ she can be. It’s raw y’all.

Check it out and getcha laugh on!