terrell owens*Terrell Owens’ baby mama problem continue.

Now that he’s back in the NFL (Seattle Seahawks) one of Owens’ baby mamas is assuming he can now easily afford the $5k a month child support she wants that he’s trying to have reduced.

If you recall, last year, Owens filed legal documents asking the court to reduce his child support payments to FOUR separate baby mamas — because he was unemployed at the time … and seriously strapped for cash.

But last week, Owens signed a contract with the Seattle Seahawks — a deal reportedly worth almost $1,000,000.

Which is why baby mama #4 — a woman named Melanie Paige Smith — has just filed papers, asking the judge to dismiss T.O.’s payment reduction request.

In the docs — filed by Melanie’s lawyer Randall Kessler — she claims, “It is clear that a downward modification of [T.O.’s] child support obligation is not warranted” due to his new Seahawks contract … as well as his income over the last 5 years, which Melanie estimates to be around $29,000,000.

According to Melanie, T.O. earned $7,000,000 playing for the Cowboys in 2007, signed a $13,000,000 contract with the Cowboys in 2008, signed a $6,500,000 with the Buffalo Bills in 2009, and signed a $2,000,000 deal with the Bengals in 2010.

And then there’s T.O.’s indoor football contract with the Allen Wranglers — which Melanie says was six figures.

But Melanie’s math doesn’t exactly add up — T.O. was released from the Cowboys early, got injured mid-season with the Bengals, and was released from his Wranglers deal after less than a year.

T. O., dude, you might wanna work something out with Malanie and the other baby mamas ’cause it looks pretty certain that they’re not going to stop until they get that money.


Source: TMZ