*If there’s one artist that the ladies love it’s singer Trey Songz.

Not too long ago, Songz sat down with ESSENCE to talk about his fifth album Chapter V.

Check out an excerpt from his interview:

ESSENCE.com: Tell us a bit about your fifth album, Chapter V.

TREY SONGZ: This is the album that I’ve had the most control over creatively, including marketing and timelines, as well as feeling comfortable enough in my success to take time off and tour the world. From performing for 100,000 people in Australia to 55,000 people in Angola, I just had different experiences when I returned to the music.

ESSENCE.com: With your international travels, can we expect a bit of dance music influence?

SONGZ: No, this album will serve my core audience. A lot of artists and music trends are going toward Euro-pop and it’s fast money. Chapter Vwill showcase everything from me. I’m very proud of it. I’m getting all of the mixes now.

Read the rest of the interview at Essence.