cleveland show (menace 2 society)*In the next season of adult animated series, “The Cleveland Show,” ?uestlove, Nicki Minaj and will make a guest appearance on the show’s special Menace II Society episode.

“We have a couple of original songs with Kanye and Will and Bruno [Mars], I mean, all of them, it was great,” said executive producer, Rich Appel. The special episode depicts the guest stars as members of the “rap illuminati,” who control pop culture.

“Cleveland inadvertently breaks into it and then it’s how he will either bring them down or they’ll bring him down,” Appel explained.

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Kanye will actually be coming back to the show to play his recurring role as aspiring rap star Kenny West who lives out of his car and raises his young daughter.

Also, the rapper/producer made his first appearance on a special episode of “Keeping Up with the Kardashians” on Monday night.

“The Cleveland Show: The Menace II Society” airs October 7.