usain bolt

Usain Bolt crosses the finish line to win gold during the Men’s 200m Final on Day 13 of the London 2012 Olympic Games

*As predicted, Usain Bolt blew away the competition Thursday at the London Olympics in the 200-meter final.

He didn’t set a speed record because he eased up as he crossed the finish line in 19.32 seconds, but he still set a record to become the only man with two Olympic titles in the event.

With camera flashes dotting the seats throughout Olympic Stadium, Bolt repeated the 100-200 double he produced at the Beijing Games, leading a Jamaican sweep. Training partner and pal Yohan Blake was second in 19.44, and Warren Weir got the bronze in 19.84, nearly a half-second behind the champion.

The 6-foot-5 Bolt celebrated with a couple pushups and also grabbed a camera from someone in the photographers’ well and trained it at the group who were clicking away.

“That was for my friends,” Bolt said of his calisthenic drill at the end of his 200-meter run Thursday. “They told me I should do pushups because it would look good on TV.”

The pushups bookended Bolt’s prerace routine in which he flexed his arms as if pumping iron and gave the crowd the Queen Elizabeth wave (something else Phelps never does). “We always sit around and talk about what we’re going to do [when introduced],” Bolt said. “I came up with the wave and thought that should be good enough. I did the wave, and it was pretty cool.”

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