*EURweb partner/associate Cherise Nicole (www.CNikky.com) got together with the usually grumpy and sour Spike Lee, but on this day he was feeling real good.

Who knows, maybe it was the affable cutie pie, Miss Nicole, who brought that big smile to Mr. Spike’s face that didn’t leave for the rest of the interview.

Cherise got with Spike to discuss his new, controversial film “Red Hook Summer.” Question number one Spike, what inspired it?

“This is something James McBride, great novelist and I wrote together. We had breakfast one morning … first of all, we both have teenagers and how come we never see any teenagers like our kids in films. We talked about one of my favorite films, ‘Stand by Me,’ and I said, ‘you know what, you never see a black version of something like that.’ And then we said … a boy is 13. A girl is 14 and just started to build from there.”

Spike and Cherise get into a lot more of the film including the roles played by Clarke Peters and Isiah Whitlock Jr. who are also former alums of “The Wire.” CNikky wondered if they were cast in “Red Hook” because Spike is a fan of the show. Well, not exactly.

“Isiah Whitlock was in ‘She Hate Me’ and ’25th Hour’ before he was in ‘The Wire.’ And that whole ‘sheeeeeit’ … that did not originate in ‘The Wire.’ It originated in ‘She Hate me,’ Mr. Lee  said proudly with a big ol’ smile on his face.

Well, excuse us and school us, Spike. Now we know. Sheeeeeit! 🙂

Check out the interview for more good times between Spike and Cherise.