Wendy Williams attends the American Ballet Theatre’s 2012 Gala at The Metropolitan Opera House on May 14, 2012 in New York City

*“The Wendy Williams Show” will look a little different when it returns for its fourth season on Sept. 10. Okay…a lot different.


The talk show will be in high-definition, will have a new studio with an enhanced set and feature an extended “Hot Topics” segment, according to The Hollywood Reporter.

The new set design — which was overseen by the show’s set designer Mark Sloan, with input from Williams and others — will incorporate the host’s signature colors, pink and purple.

“People will recognize the set from last season, but this season it will be enhanced,” Williams told The Hollywood Reporter. Additionally, “we’re using high-def, which will make everything sharper, and we have a bigger [studio] space.”

Williams also said the “Hot Topics” segment — a “fan favorite” in which she delivers her take on the biggest headlines — previously ran about 10-12 minutes, but the expanded segment will run “a good 18 minutes.”

“And that’s before we even go to commercial,” she said. “We get a lot of ground covered in that time.”

Williams wants to keep the guests and topics for the show’s premiere week a surprise for now, but she did say that viewers “are going to be happy,” adding that her favorite segment topics include fashion and cooking.

The show also has added two talent producers for its fourth season: Stephanie Sacco, who will head up the department, overseeing all celebrity bookings with a focus on film and television guests, and Anthony Lopez, who will handle music, celebrity author, comedy and Broadway bookings.

Meanwhile, Williams just shot outdoor promos in New York’s Times Square and Columbus Circle that feature her sitting on the purple couch from her set. She also is scheduled to make appearances on TBS’ Conan and HLN’s Dr. Drew (Aug. 27) and will co-host E! Entertainment’s Fashion Police (Aug. 31) and E! News (Sept. 14).

As for further changes viewers can expect when season four premieres? Williams, who said she gets a lot of viewer feedback on her wardrobe, will be wearing “more pencil skirts” and “a few more pairs of blue jeans” along with her signature wigs.

And, she quips, “I’m 10 times thinner. I’ve been going to the gym.”