dez bryant

*Apparently recent reports that Dallas Cowboys’ bad boy wide receiver Dez Bryant has been subject to a set of very restrictive rules is bogus, reports Sports Illustrated.

Jerry Jones, the owner of the Cowboys says he doesn’t know who came up with the so-called “Dez Bryant Rules,” but said they sude didn’t come from him and the team.

“I’m not so sure where the media has come up with detail of this nature,” Jones said Tuesday on a Dallas radio station, via the Fort Worth Star-Telegram.  “Fundamentally, Dez does, and I’m convinced, want to do many things that give him the opportunity to get on track the way he needs to, both on and off the field.”

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According to, special rules for Bryant could violate the collective bargaining agreement with the players.

“I think any of this talk or any of these references to what he’s going to be doing or what he is not going to be doing, in general, it’s one that would say just let’s conform to good behavior, the kind of behavior that the commissioner expects, that society expects and that anybody expects if you’re going to get the opportunities you are.” Jones added. “He does believe he has a great opportunity.”

And then there’s thi from Bryant’s adviser, David Wells who says the troubled athlete t went to the Cowboys for help and no guidelines have been finalized.

“(Bryant) wanted to be a part of it,” Wells said. “Then Jerry Jones is in great support of this system and said, ‘Let’s get it done.’ It came out that it’s all about somebody forcing it, but he’s accepted responsibility himself to get past any negativity that’s out there and try to move forward.”

Maybe we’re making more out it than need be, but Wells  is quoted above as saying, “no guidelines have been finalized.” So we’ll leave it at that.