alex trebek*Alex Trebek, the loooong time host of TV’s “Jeopardy” game show said the “S” word last night.

OK, you can pick your jaw up off the floor now. 🙂 Yeah, we know, What’s the big freakin’ deal about Alex Trebek or anybody else saying sh*t?

Nothing actually until you see and hear him say it. It just straight up funny. Why is it funny? Well, hell, we don’t know, it just is.

Here’s the quickie backstory from TMZ:

America’s favorite game show host was leaving Boa steakhouse in Hollywood last night when the valet had a mix up and almost gave his car to somebody else.

But Alex quickly noticed the problem … politely handled the situation … and then gave TMZ some Forrest Gump-ian advice — “Harvey, sh*t happens.”

For the record, the “Jeopardy” host suffered a heart attack earlier this year … but judging by the clip, he’s feeling saucier than ever!!!

Now watch and chuckle: