kim ramsey*At first thought this seems like it would be a real good thing to have.

But on second thought, umm, maybe not. Walking around being in heat and and having orgasms anytime, anywhere is just not a good thing to be stuck with.

But that’s the predicament Kim Ramsey, a British nurse finds herself in. You see, a fall down the stairs left her with a rare condition which can cause her to orgasm up to 100 times a day.

Ramsey, 44, suffers from Persistent Genital Arousal Disorder (PGAD) an incurable condition which causes her to be spontaneously sexually aroused without sexual desire.

Kim’s unusual condition means sitting in a chair, travelling on a train or even housework can cause her to orgasm – whether she’s in public or private.

The Hertfordshire nurse fell down the stairs and injured her back in 2001. It was later discovered in May this year, that the fall may have caused a Tarlov cyst on her spine at the point where a woman’s orgasm originates.

But it wasn’t until Kim became intimate with her partner that she discovered the unexpected side effect from the fall.

Kim said: “After we’d had sex I was still experiencing constant orgasms for four days.

“I was petrified, I thought I was going mad. I told the guy and he was chuffed.

“When I told a close friend she mentioned it might be PGAD but I was so embarrassed and worried about it happening again that I just tried to forget about it and chose a period of celibacy.

“But then after meeting a new partner it happened again. I was mortified.

“We tried everything to make it stop. Squats, deep breathing, I even sat on frozen peas but the orgasms and sexual arousal continued for 36 hours – I must have had around 200 orgasms during that period. The pain and exhaustion was excruciating.

Kim, who now lives in New Jersey, said the condition has left her anxious and she now finds it difficult to go about her daily life because she is worried she will not be able to control the sexual arousal.

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