zoe saldana & bradley cooper“The Words” is a romantic thriller. Let’s just start there.

The movie focuses on Rory Jansen, a talented writer, played by Bradley Cooper, and his gorgeous wife, portrayed by Zöe Saldana.

The plot spotlights the pressure he’s under to achieve success.  Jansen finds an unpublished manuscript and passes it off as his own.

Jansen crosses paths with another man, an older writer. Oscar winner Jeremy Irons is in that role. This is where the thrill ride begins.

What Rory does to get to the top could cost him all he’s worked for.

There’s another layer to this. Publicity for the movie aptly puts it: “The worlds of two men living in different times threaten to converge as both are forced to confront the steep price that must be paid for placing ambition before love.”

Would you do something unscrupulous if you had tried everything you could to get the winning lottery ticket but always came out the loser?

Take a look at this video and peek behind the scenes and listen to the stars from “The Words” talk about their movie. It’s sure to be a blockbuster. Other stars in the film include Dennis Quaid.

Here’s a bit of gossip for you about Cooper and Saldana. They were once a real life couple. Earlier this year the pair were hot and heavy for a few months.  One gossip columnist had speculated whether the two stars might have gotten back together in June after both of them were seen getting cozy in a New York City restaurant.

Saldana’s next project is a far cry from “The Words.”  She’ll be in a singing role, so to speak. The “Avatar” star will play Nina Simone in a biopic about the late acclaimed pianist and vocalist, who often fused gospel, r&b, and blues in her songs.

“I think it’s a big role for anybody. Nina Simone was large, in many ways. She’s iconic and brilliant and talented,” Cynthia Mort, the director and writer of the still untitled film, told Entertainment Weekly. She added, “I find Zoe to be incredibly compelling. She has a lot of great qualities.”

Mort’s first choice for the role of Simone was singer Mary J. Blige. But, she had to drop out because of a scheduling conflict.

Look for “The Words” in theaters September 7th.

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