*The 5000 year old, ancient art of Ayurveda in India is the natural science of balance.

Indian medicine’s long history makes it one of the oldest catalogued systems of medicine in the world.  In fact, Greek and Chinese medicine are both based upon ancient Ayurvedic arts. The earliest concepts of Ayurveda are documented in the Indian sacred writings called the Vedas.

I say all of this to say, Ayurvedic lifestyles offer an alternative resource African-American women can deploy to help defeat many of the illnesses that have plagued our community. Ayurvedists have developed diets and health plans to battle fatal diseases like hypertension, diabetes, cancer, lupus, obesity, high blood pressure and depression.  These ailments have shackled our community for too long.

The mission of the Ayurvedic lifestyle is one that constantly seeks balance between, not only, one’s environment but their body, mind, emotion, and spirit.  With that being said, everything is based upon keeping a positive emotional outlook.  Ayurveda places the focus on the human body’s ability to heal itself by utilizing natural “living” plant resources found in one’s environment.

So let’s really talk about our daily environment.  Today, many African-American women find ourselves barely maintaining in high stress environments.  It is no surprise to us when our annual exam reveals we are “predisposed”  for many of the same diseases that more than likely cut the lives of our mothers and fathers short.

Ayurvedists use the support of natural, non-toxic therapies, including medicinal foods, dietary programs, and natural herbs to cure any ailment.

Search your daily newspaper if you do not believe me, you will find hundreds of “new” discoveries by modern day medical scientists. If you dig a little deeper, you will find these “developments” were already documented hundreds of years ago by Ayurvedists in ancient India. For those who have had an Ayurvedic experience truly know the benefits of Ayurvedic traditions.  But let’s go beyond a simple visit to your local Aveda based salon.

As more and more African-America women are becoming familiar with Ayurveda health practices, we are moving away from just the external applications of Ayurveda, such as how it can help grow our hair to the deeper internal applications.  We are seeking healthier lifestyles, most likely due to the amount of information we are exposed to now with social media and internet portals.

Most of us have already started to incorporate Yoga into our daily lifestyle.  You should know that Ayurveda and Yoga are definitely related to each other. Both of these Indian sciences share the same philosophical base.  They are also written in the same language (Sanskrit) and the six basic philosophies of Indian culture are well referenced in Yoga as in Ayurveda.

When Ayurveda practices are incorporated into your health and diet regimine, the benefits are too numerous to list.  Not to mention, a family of four can eat, great organic food for a month spending under two hundred dollars on a typical Ayurvedic meal plan.

Recently I discovered a great Ayurvedic based company called Ajika.  Ajika is the premiere food, health, wellness and lifestyle subsidiary of Ethnic Foods Company.  Ajika and Ethnic Foods Company are long-time purveyors of ancient exotic spices, foods and nutrition. 

“Ajika is committed to our mission and commitment to the health and wellness of the entire community and we are striving to be a visible “healthy lifestyle” advocate,” explains Kavita Mehta, International Food Expert and CEO of Ajika and Ethnic Foods Co.

Ajika and Ethnic Foods Co. were founded in 1988, Ajika, quickly became the main supplier of many Indian products in mainstream grocery stores and area health food stores in the Midwest. Ajika provides a distinctive array of exotic foods and spices carefully chosen and prepared in the Ayurvedic tradition.

The mission of Ajika, is to provide the flavors and the culinary traditions of International cuisine to those seeking healthy food options. Ajika stocks many products across multiple categories including an extensive selection of the company’s own signature line, Ajika products.

The exclusivity of Ajika’s offering lies in the ability to source and stock unique, high-quality gourmet products and ingredients from around the globe, including the most extensive line of organic ethnic food spice blends currently available on the market.

International food expert, Kavita Mehta is the woman behind Ajika and Ethnic Foods Co.  Mehta’s love for good home cooking began early at home in India. Mehta’s mother was trained in Ayurveda and methodically trained Mehta the ancient art form in her traditional Indian kitchen. From a young age, Mehta mastered Ayurvedic stages of food, types of food and the medicinal benefits of foods and food preparation.

Mehta’s father, who loved to travel across India was also a lover of local foods. Mr. Mehta took his daughter all over India during her long summer vacations where she mastered the value of local food and tastes and food preparation.

Her Uncle, Mr. A.B, Kerkar, nurtured Mehta’s love for global foods and sharing Indian culture further. Kerar, the famous creator of the Taj Group of Hotels in India, is credited with putting India on the world map for global cuisine. Mehta was at his side when he hosted many prestigious events including inviting the common wealth leaders, such as Margaret Thatcher to India and hosting spiritual advisor, Deepak Chopra’s seminars.

Mehta wields a combination of holistic techniques coupled with the ancient Ayurvedic nutritional science to teach her students how to craft amazing meals. Mehta’s demonstration cooking sessions, called Savor Ethnic Foods, teach how to easily integrate local fresh ingredients with health giving spices, organic and heritage foods of the world into our daily diets.

Mehta is a veteran of the international food industry and has been catering to the discerning palates of Midwest food connoisseurs since 1988 by offering many firsts in the industry through local, esteemed grocers including Byerly’s and Kowalski’s. Mehta brings a wealth of knowledge to Ajika and Ethnic Foods Company and is now able to share this directly with the customer. Mehta is an innovator and a proponent of the slow food, real food, local food and organic food movements and it shows in the carefully chosen selection of products at Ajika and Ethnic Foods Company.

For more information about Kavita Mehta or Ajika Foods please visit www.ajika.com or call 952-593-3000

To book Kavita Mehta for cooking demonstrations, private parties or catering please email: [email protected].



Kandis Knight
Public Relations and Marketing Director
Ajika & Ethnic Foods Company
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