*Imagine being the commanding officer of a U.S. submarine and suddenly finding out that a torpedo has been deliberately launched in your direction — by your own country.


That’s the predicament facing Andre Braugher’s Captain Marcus Chaplin in the pilot of new ABC drama “Last Resort.” Talk about starting off with a bang.

Premiering Thursday, Sept. 17 at 8 p.m., the series follows Chaplin’s crew on the fictional USS Colorado, which turns renegade after Chaplin defies a direct order to launch nuclear missiles towards Pakistan. The order just didn’t sound right, and Chaplin went with his gut feeling rather than kill millions of innocent lives.

When his second in command, played by Scott Speedman, also refuses to nuke Pakistan, their vessel is fired upon without warning and the crew soon realizes that they have been declared enemies of their own country and left for dead. After taking a vicious hit, the sub ends up on the fictional island of Sainte Marina, where Chaplin’s team sets up shop and declares themselves a sovereign nation with nuclear capability – thanks to their sub.

“Last Resort” stars Andre Braugher (Captain Marcus Chaplin) and Scott Speedman (XO Sam Kendal) set up shop on the island of Sainte Marina after their submarine was hit.

The show will revolve around Chaplin and his crew dealing with a drug lord on the island who doesn’t appreciate his new American occupier. We’ll also follow the crew’s season-long attempt to clear its name so they can return home to the U.S.

“Amazing things are going to happen on the island, and we’re going to be fundamentally changed,” Braugher told EURweb about the crew. “But it’s important to establish clearly and credibly who these men are, so that the changes, we can follow them step by step. I think that’s where we build up an affection for the men and women of the Colorado as well as the people on the island, so that when they’re challenged, and ultimately as they transform into something we may or may not recognize, then we understand their story.”

Below, Braugher reveals what types of transformations the viewers can expect. [Scroll down to watch the trailer.]