Aretha Franklin*In case you’re wondering what’s up with Aretha Franklin’s long awaited biopic, there’s been some movement.

According to Lady Soul’s publicist, David Brokaw, she has approved a story treatment and has ordered a script. She is in negotiations with top directors and producers.

Franklin’s life story, covering her decades as the Queen of Soul, is an epic tale with probably the most starring and supporting roles since ROOTS.

Aretha has set Dorothy Norwood, Karen Clark and La Shun Pace to portray the legendary Clara Ward singers in the movie. All three are renown, award

winning Gospel artists in their own right. She is still looking for actresses to portray Clara and her mother Gertrude Ward.

Clara and Gertrude Ward are plum roles. While Aretha is the Queen of Soul, Clara Ward was the first Queen of Gospel.

As Franklin says in her autobiography, “From These Roots”:

“I had never heard a voice like Clara Ward’s — and still haven’t. I was only a small child, but after hearing Clara there was no question in my mind one day I would be a singer.”