big spence & tiffany pollard

Big Spence & Tiffany ‘New York’ Pollard

*Big Spence (born Marcus Spencer) continues to stay busy in the acting game.

Spence’s publicist person, Sue McGaughey says the actor’s latest project is “The Shop” (Shawn Cunningham/Straightlyne films). The production, filmed on location in Oakland, also features none other than Tiffany Pollard (“I Love New York”).

It goes without saying that anything with Pollard – a/k/a “New York,” in it – can only be described as “interesting.”

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If you’re wondering, Big Spence’s character is “Slim” — a man with a definite 70’s flair and hair — and he’s the right hand man to boss “Ivy Sloan” (Sean Mann) who calls on Slim to take care of matters.

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Meanwhile, the “boobafied,” er, bodacious Ms. Pollard plays “Kiana,” Slim’s Cali girl who keeps her hustle strong and her ear to the streets. If Slim needs to know anything, Kiana is the girl he calls. She’s not hard to please and Slim believes he knows just what she needs.

Hmm, wonder what that means?

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Well, anyway, just to juice things up, McGaughey says her client and Tiffany, who – based on the photo above supplied by said publicist, is wearing her trademark weave again  –  share a kiss on set.

Hmm, we’re sure how to react to that bit of TMI so we’ll just close out by saying there’s no word on when this potential masterpiece will be available. However, we have a feeling that Ms. McGaughey will be letting us know shortly.