*Talk about coloring the entire page with one crayon.

Why is it that some people disagree with one piece of an equation, and decide to throw away the entire formula?

Enter one black pastor who has a problem with President Barack Obama’s stand on marriage equality; and as a result, has decided to turn against him. Not only that, but he has taken it upon himself to pontificate under the assumption that an entire race is in alignment with him. Weird.

“We want it to be known that the African American community is for marriage between a man and a woman,” the reverend William Owens, founder of the Coalition Of African-American Pastors, told Essence.com news editor Wendy L. Wilson; who was at the RNC in Tampa speaking to African Americans about why they are not backing Barack Obama. Owens backs up his statement saying that if the Black family deteriorates, “none of the other issues will matter.”

In the interview, Owens states that he doesn’t feel the president was pressured to take the stand he takes on gay marriage; he says instead, that Obama sold out for that Hollywood money, and has chosen to cater to the less than three percent who gives it to him. He says if it wasn’t for the blacks who have sacrificed and died, he would not be in the white house; and he believes Obama is taking the black vote for granted.

When asked if he would agree that the issue of gay marriage is also an issue of civil rights, the reverend offers an “interesting” response.

“I was in the civil rights movement. I know what we marched for, and we didn’t march for same-sex marriage. We marched because Black people suffered. We wanted better jobs. We wanted to be able to go to any restaurant or hotel. Homosexuals don’t have that issue. They make more money than anyone else, so how can you compare that with the civil rights movement?”

Owens says that although he knows Obama will lose some of the black vote, he knows there will be blacks who will stand with the president anyway, because they are bowing to peer-pressure. He blames the black ministers who may go along too, saying they are “responsible for the sheep.”

You may wonder then, if this means Owens will be casting his vote for the Romney-Ryan ticket. We’ll let you take a look at the Wendy L. Wilson interview for that at Essence.