nick gordon (with gun)*Hmm, if this isn’t a red flag, we don’t know what is.

Bobbi Kristina’s brother/boyfriend/houseguest/whatever is back in the news because tweeted a photo of himself with a big ol’ gun while driving.

It’s not easy to tell if the gun is fake or real, but it sends a signal that homeboy may not be dealing with a full deck. Therefore, maybe Miss Bobbi Kristina and those around her might want to be a little concerned for … well, whatever.

By the way, according to the Daily Mail, Bobbi’s spokesperson refused to comment on the picture, but stated that “Nick is not her boyfriend.”

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Of course that begs the question of just who or what the hey-all is their relationship all about?

As we noted before, Gordon was unofficially adopted by Bobbi Kristina’s late mother, Whitney Houston, he was just 12, and has lived as Bobbi’s “brother” ever since.

The latest reports have them vacationing in Hawaii while filming their reality show.