denny mendez & oscar generale

Denny Mendez & Oscar Generale

*If there is anyone who knows how to live a stylish and luxurious lifestyle, its Oscar Generale.

The Hollywood producer, nicknamed the “King of Product Placement” was recently caught vacationing all across Italy with his beautiful girlfriend Denny Mendez.

Denny Mendez was formerly Miss Italy, and we can tell she is definitely Oscar’s kinda girl.

denny mendez & oscar generale shopping in italy

Denny Mendez and Oscar Generale shopping in Italy

The two were intertwined in each others arms for most of the vacation, so one can definitely feel the romance.

Generale and Mendez were spending some much needed time off from their hectic schedules enjoying a very romantic holiday in Italy.  Oscar runs his organization Oscar Generale Productions, a PR and advertising entity out of Los Angeles, CA.

Currently Oscar is focusing his attention on a brand new animated feature film project titled “The GummyBear,” which is based on the most popular animated character on YouTube and the Internet.  The GummyBear theme song has been viewed over a billion times on the internet, and fans have translated it in all languages.  Production is set to commence in the coming months.