*Seriously, after you allegedly head-butt a woman, do you really think there is a snowball’s chance in hell she is coming back to you?

Apparently Chad “Ochocinco”  Johnson does.

He is still courting ex-wife Evelyn Lozada, hoping she will forgive him and come back home; stitches and all. In the past few days, we have witnessed the twitter communiqués from Johnson. We’ve seen the tattoo (which is now said to be permanent); the “I just want to love you T-shirt,” and the forlorn expressions.

Now, Chad has changed his bio on Twitter. It currently states, “Don’t follow me… I’m not perfect… I’m not a role model… I’m not into acting yet… Oh and i love all of that from the E to the N.”

Meanwhile, the “E to the N” told People magazine,

“You can’t repair this. Not right now. You just can’t.”

While she admits that she will “always have love” for her estranged husband, she’s adamant that the marriage is over. “This is something you should never tolerate,” Evelyn explained. “I don’t care what the situation is-or who the  man is.”

Chad seems pretty creative. And he’s no dummy; with help from the media, he’s getting his message out.

Who knows, maybe he’ll wear her down. Stay tuned to see what tomorrow brings.