*We never took Chris Brown and Chad Ochocinco for brain surgeons.

But we never thought one of them would tat a picture of a battered woman on his neck, while the other did the same on his leg.

Check out the opinion piece below from Mr. Mecc slamming these two “geniuses”:

Haven’t these guys proven that they need a little extra supervision? Between the Lamborghini, the hair, the condom receipt and, well… the marriage, haven’t Chris and Chad done enough to show us all that good decision making isn’t their strongest skill set?

No managers? Publicist? Homeboys? Where’s the crew love? Nobody was around? Where was the guy to go.

“Hey Chris, wassup bro… Blonde hair again huh? That’s cool… Listen I was just thinking. Ya know, given the history with you and ‘what’s-her-name’ Maybe, just maybe this bruised woman face isn’t the best idea for a neck tattoo. Here’s a thought… how about a nice hat! We can kill two birds with… uh, never mind. What size do you wear again?”

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