dl hughley

D.L. Hughley

*Lupe Fiasco is like the rapper with a heart in the industry; the man who keeps the moral compass of the industry. But comedian and political commentator D.L. Hughley criticized the rapper for being out of touch with reality.

“He’s bright as hell, but dumb in the ways of the world,” Hughley told Hot 93.7/Hartford. He said the rapper’s message of political withdrawal has real consequences. “Young black men are going to listen to him. They are the ones who have decisions made for them, [decisions] that they are not even involved in, which is silly to me.”

Then he went on to give Lupe a bit of advice.

“You can’t go through life and not be a participant, and hope things work out for your benefit,” he said. “When you vote or not vote, you are saying yes or no.”

“They want to raise the age of social security from 65 to 68 … Black men die at 67. Lupe Fiasco forgets that he’s going to be an old man when he’s looking for a social security check, and he dies right before he gets it.”

Lupe Fiasco