fat chick on scale*Summer’s over right?

Well, not exactly, it’s over on the 21st as far as the calendar is concerned, but there’s no more time to do barbecues and things of that nature.

Now it’s time to shape up.

Check out a diary of a mad fat chick:

Call the law. Somebody broke into my apartment, crept into my bedroom, went through my closet… and shrunk all my clothes. My jeans, my skirts, my slacks, even my T-shirts and party dresses, all vandalized, zapped down to junior’s department-size teeniness. My first reaction was to hunt down the culprits and give them a stern talking to. But the chances that some criminal with nothing better to do in the big city than hatch a diabolical plan to annihilate the wardrobe of a random freelance writer are pretty slim. I, alas, am not.

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