*Twitter was on fire last night for day one of the Democratic National Convention – and most of the flames were sparked by First Lady Michelle Obama.


Overall, Twitter estimates the first night generated more than 3 million tweets, putting on a pace far ahead of the Republican National Convention, which managed a total of 4 million tweets spread across its three days.

Mrs. Obama’s tweets-per-minute (TPM) peak of 28,003, which came at 11:06 p.m. ET at the conclusion of her speech, nearly doubled Romney’s high-water mark of 14,289 TPM during his acceptance speech. The most tweeted line of her speech came when she said, “We’ve got so much more to do,” and Twitter users responded at the rate of 22,004 TPM.

Her second place phrase — “living the American Dream” — generated 21,577 tweets-per-minute and “how hard you work matters” was the third-most-tweeted phrase with 18,669 TPM.

The First Lady’s speech even scored better than President Obama’s last State of the Union address, which registered a high-water mark of 14,131 TPM.

Keynote speaker Julian Castro, the mayor of San Antonio, also registered a strong Twitter response. He peaked at 11,503 TPM, which put him ahead of every Republican speaker except Romney. Other Democratic speakers registering strong activity on Twitter included Maryland Gov. Martin O’Malley at 7,502 TPM and Massachusetts Gov. Deval Patrick at 6,909 TPM.