elle varner*Elle Varner is doing her thing in R&B right now, setting her own standards and making a mark.

The singer is riding the wave of her rising popularity.

During an interview with YouKNowIGotSoul.com, she described her new album, “Perfectly Imperfect” (in stores now) as a painting of her heart.

Her single, “I Don’t Care” truly represents her position in life right now.

“Yeah, the song just really came from the heart, she said. “It was an experience that I was going through around the time of the album, so it really just ties everything together. It just makes people feel.”

Elle released a mixtape to tease the ears of R&B fans worldwide and one song made it on the official debut project: “So Fly.”

“Well “So Fly” and the title “Perfectly Imperfect” go hand in hand. It’s just reinforcing the idea that we should just accept who we are and where we’re at and where we’re not at. We just need to love ourselves and that’s kind of the theme of the album.”

Elle Varner is the singer of popular single, “Refill.”