*Custody battles are the worst. Halle Berry is going through it right now over her 4-year-old daughter Nahla, as she’s seeking permission to move to France.

According to the National Enquirer, the actress is on the verge of an emotional breakdown, amidst stalker threats and other drama in her life.

Her friends say it’s pushing her over the edge.

“Halle is paranoid and her nerves are as frayed as I’ve ever seen them,” revealed a pal, says the Enquirer. “She fears every camera flash that goes off in her face and sincerely believes she or her daughter is going to come to serious harm if the two remain in Los Angeles.”

Both Halle and the father of her child, model Gabriel Aubry, have been waging this monotonous battle since their 2010 split.

Over the past two years, Aubry’s nanny filed a battery report against him, claiming he pushed her while holding Nahla. He’s also getting $20,000 a month in child support from the actress. Yikes!

And he won’t let her leave Los Angeles.

But insiders say she needs to get away for her safety.

Halle’s got seriously dangerous stalkers.

Richard Franco, 28, was put on five years probation and a 10-year protective order, after trespassing on Halle’s property three times in July 2011.

Another stalker, who briefly escaped from a mental hospital in February, threatened to slit her throat.