*The skeletons are out of Evelyn Lozada’s closet.

The reality star and battered woman sat with Iyanla Vanzant to chat about her life, love and now failed marriage.

From her tragically childish behavior on “Basketball Wives” and her broken union with former bestie Jennifer Williams; to the family history of violence and division, Iyanla helped break down all the baggage Evelyn’s been holding on to from one phase of life to the other.

“[I was] going from 0 to 10. I always say I don’t have a medium,” said Evelyn. “That’s how every woman in my family dealt with conflict. We didn’t sit down and do this! That’s how my life was. That’s how I grew up.”

She admitted becoming the success she is heightened her problems as pressure began to build. But being at the top is hard work and lonely.

“I don’t trust anybody. So many things have happened in my life, just feeling stabbed in the back, taken advantage of.”

But since getting a minor wake-up call about her behavior. Chad Johnson’s daughters found her outbursts on the show outrageous. So she quickly began to clean up her act and strive to be a better woman.

In the meantime, her worst fears of being cheated on and getting divorced quickly came true after Chad allegedly head butted her in their driveway.

Evelyn admitted seeing signs of trouble in the marriage before it even got started, but she pushed through it anyway.

Check out the show show below:

Iyanla, Fix My Life | Evelyn Lozada (PART 1)… by Ashley_Miller_3

Iyanla, Fix My Life | Evelyn Lozada (Part 2)… by Ashley_Miller_3