*What is your definition of the word feminism?

Do you feel it has a negative or positive connotation?

Here’s an article from Essence’s Demetria Lucas on the issue:

I’ve been think a lot about feminism lately. You see, I recently wrote a book (maybe you’ve heard?). It’s an advice guide about living single that doesn’t tell women how to jump through hoops to get a man or bend over backwards to keep one, and it somehow manages not to throw men under the bus in order to help women discover how to live their best life. In the aftermath, I keep getting asked in interviews, “So, you’re a feminist, then?” Uh, am I?

If you asked me when I was ten, I would have given an unequivocal “Yes!” Like everyone else my age, I grew up on “The Cosby Show,” and “Rudy” (aka Keisha Knight-Pulliam) was about six months older than me and ten times as dope. Somewhere along the way (her TV-mom?), Rudy had picked up the spunk to confidently shoot down her best friend Kenny’s musings about his brother’s archaic thoughts about women and dating. She was very clear that she had no intention of catering to an undeserving man, or biting her tongue to consider his ego. Just a real clear-cut, take it and if you don’t like it, leave it! I’d heard someone call her a “cute little feminist once.” I deduced that to mean that feminism, as doled out by my favorite Huxtable, seemed to be about not taking any mess of a foolish man, or anyone else (except parents).

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