suzanne welker & ernest gonzales

Suzanne Welker, 31, and Ernest Gonzales, 27, caught in “oral” position on the freeway.

*Florida is always up to something.

They have more incidents of indecent exposure than any other state in the nation.

Just kidding! But, they might! We’re going to have to look into that statistic after hearing about a couple that went road rage on another couple after being caught in the act.

But, the crazy part of the story is that the couple, Suzanne Welker, 31, and Ernest Gonzales, 27, were caught on I-95 in a freaky situation and had the nerve to get an attitude because another couple, Louis Carr and his girlfriend Kristin Broughman, were traveling with their three-year-old in the car next to them and saw them. Welker had an oral fixation on Gonzales and somehow mooned Carr and his girlfriend.