ebony steele*There’s a lot of outlets for you to get the ‘tea’ on what’s going on in entertainment but starting today, Fox’s “Dish Nation” is serving it up in a brand new way.

If you didn’t catch the summer test run here’s the best way to break down the concept: think TMZ, but instead of the newsroom – you get the “dish” from the hottest radio morning shows across the country – four different station’s POV’s – from some of the craziest personalities in the business.

Among those radio personalities who will participate, according to Fox, are the Rickey Smiley Morning Show from Atlanta’s WHTA and syndicated in over 60 markets nationwide (hosted by Rickey Smiley and featuring Ebony Steele, Gary T, and HeadKrack);The Big Show with Scott & Todd on WPLJ in New York City (Scott Shannon and Todd Pettengill); Blaine & Allyson on WDVD in Detroit (Blaine Fowler and Allyson Martinek) and Kidd Kraddick in the Morning show, based in Dallas, Texas. Fox says they will name additional radio contributors in the future.

EURweb got the chance to talk to Rickey Smiley Show’s Ebony Steele about what to expect.  She says:

“It’s brilliant to me that I like not just watching us on the show but all the other three stations too that are completely different in format from us and I’m still entertained.”

Producers will choose topics for all four morning radio shows to discuss from their variant points of view.

Steele who says she’s jokingly called the “Google Queen” admits that there’s not much she doesn’t know at least something about. However …

“from time to time there may be something that I’m not necessarily interested in that I have to do a little more in-depth research on just so that I can be intelligent when I cover the story on air.”

So we put her to the test and threw out a few topics – here’s a taste of what to expect from Ebony Steele on Fox’s “Dish Nation”:

On ‘Kimye’ … Kanye West and Kim Kardashian:

“Ok if I could ‘snort’ effectively I would only because (laughs) Kim Kardashian bores me because everyday I’m like oh my God ‘Kim Kardashian wears a new pair pants that are now tighter at the ankle than they were yesterday…’ to me they’re just so over exposed … and I think Kanye is immensely talented as a musician but one thing they both crave is the limelight and the attention … no haten but I’m just over it.”

On “Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta”:

“I think people watch it because it makes us realize our lives aren’t so bad.  So it’s actually a self help … Love & Hip Hop Atlanta is actually to me a self help reality show…”

On Mitt Romney:

(looooooooong pause) “oh I’m sorry I dozed off.”

You can check out more of Eboney Steele and the rest of the gang on Fox’s “Dish Nation.”  It premieres today – check your local listings for times and stations.

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