Honor student, Deja, 11, was removed from class for the color of her tights.

*Dress codes in all public schools would solve any problem schools have with their student’s appearance.

The parents could spend less money on clothes and the issue of class would be removed from the equation altogether because no one would be wearing $200 outfits to school while others are wearing $20 outfits.

No one would be killed for their gym shoes because all of them would be the same.

Now there’s one incident out of Sunland, California, where an honor student by the name of Deja, 11, was removed from class by a teacher’s assistant at Mount Gleason Middle School because of her tights, which her mother, Yolanda Tunstill, proved to KTLA’s reporter is a key element of her school wardrobe.

Tunstill said that she can’t understand why her daughter was taken to the principal’s office because she wore (more…)