john garcia

John Garcia

*Police all over the country could use a brush-up on their training.

But unfortunately, that assessment is only made when someone has been killed or mistreated by police and then it’s kind of late for an apology and/or sensitivity training.

In Houston, Texas, Saturday, officer Matt Marin fatally shot Brian Claunch, a mentally unstable wheelchair-bound double amputee that had cornered his partner and held him hostage with a ballpoint pen.

The officers were responding to a call from the caretaker/owner John Garcia of a “group home for the mentally ill” called Healing Hands. Officer Marin claimed to fear for his partner’s and his own life.

They pleaded with Claunch, who is declared schizophrenic, to drop his weapon and when he didn’t Marin shot him in the back of his head, according to CNN.