*Fans of “Independence Day,” get ready for another hit movie, well at least we hope so.

Filmmakers Dean Delvin and Ronald Emmerich are now working on the sequel, officially.

“I can tell you that Roland and I have been working together for the first time in 11 years and we’re very excited about the idea of doing it,” Delvin said in an interview with The Hollywood Reporter. “Whether or not we can make this happen, if we can get all the pieces to come together, that’s gonna be challenging. But creatively, for the very first time since we did the original, I feel we have a worthy concept, a worthy path to go.”

He admitted they had to hold back on making a sequel for years to allow the movie to marinate in its own glory. Besides, the movie helped thrust the guys’ careers to a new level.

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Now, 16 years after premiering, it’s time to breath life back into the action flick.

Delvin did not reveal a timeline yet, but the cast is assembling. One question still remains, who will be Will Smith’s character?

It is possible the story will be completely different than the last and incorporate new characters.