drake & jas prince

Drake & Jas Prince

*It’s not just a rumor; Jas Prince, Drake’s “discoverer,” is suing his managers over some unpaid dues.

According to Jas, the guys pushing the Drake agenda are stiffing both of them out of some money, which then caused fans to question if he’ll be departing from his family of a label soon.

But he assured his followers via Twitter that he’s there to stay.

“Despite what your daily dose of bullshit may lead you to believe. I am forever about this Young Money team.”

Ten claims have been filed against managers Cortez Bryant, Gerald “Gee” Roberson, Derrick Lawrence and the firm Aspire Music Group LLC.

“Prince says he and Bryant agreed to split their share of Drake’s profits. Drake has since sold millions of records and won numerous awards,” reports CNS. “The parties allegedly tried to resolve their differences with a settlement agreement … They were to receive 22 percent of Aspire’s share of profits, 22 percent of Aspire’s ownership share of Drake’s master recordings, and 5 percent of Drake’s gross pay, according to the lawsuit.”

Aspire has allegedly refused to pay as stated and now Prince wants to prevent the managers from renegotiating their contracts with Drake until they get paid.

In the meantime, Drake is basically staying off this issue and has returned to high school in Toronto to grab that diploma.